• Android

    The system for Google smartphones. 64% of smartphones sold during the second quarter in 2012 were equipped with this operating system. Approx. 18% run on iOS – Apple’s operating system.  [ Forbes ]

    At the moment my entire focus is on this system. When developing Android applications I use e.g. Guice/RoboGuice for the best possible abstraction and ActionBarSherlock for an optimum backward compatibility.

    The app Nasdaq100 is available as Open Source software on GitHub.

  • Development

    The spectrum of successful projects developed by me ranges from ERP-solutions and software for laser control in the textile processing industry to my own CMS-Software, and now extends to the area of mobile applications.
    At the moment, the main programming languages I use are Java, PHP or ActionScript. In the past, however, I have also used C and C++ (machine control unit). If a CMS is needed, Typo3 is normally the first choice.
    Other tools are, for example, Git for source administration, or WireframeSketcher to develop wireframes for application prototypes.

  • Consulting

    I would be delighted to advise you on software development and quality management during the development stage. Our common focus will be on communication, efficiency enhancement, and work techniques during concept developments in this area.


  • Nasdaq100

    This application essentially shows the Top 100 companies listed on the Nasdaq.

    You can also look at the respective Wikipedia entry for the chosen company. The market trend over the last 30 days is shown as well. 

    The source code for this app is available at GitHub.

    More information at:

  • Partner-Zodiacs


    Discover more about the characteristics of your star sign or find out whether you and your partner are in harmony.

    You will also learn how matters stand regarding love, friendship, and sex.

    More information at:

  • Background Pictures Iceland

    Iceland – the island of fire and ice. Some of the most beautiful spots as background pictures for your Android app.

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  • Zapfen

    Zapfen, Turmrechnen, or column maths – these universally popular math problems are known by various names. Teachers keen on improving their students‘ skills have long used these ″additional exercises“ as punishment.

    This is now a thing of the past – the app is availabe for your smartphone.

    More information at:

Mike Mitterer

  • Your advantages

    • Experience – I know what’s what. Not only in terms of technology, but - which is often more important - in the area of soft facts, like internal product communication, employee involvement etc.
    • Optimum use of resources - Java, ActionScript, PHP, Typo3, Android, Windows, Mac-OS, Linux – I use the strengths of each system for your benefit.
    • Efficiency
    • I have my finger on the pulse - through continuous professional development.
      In this industry, knowledge has a half-life of about 5 years. This means that the things we knew 10 years ago, are pretty much irrelevant today. Whatever we knew 5 years ago is today only worth half of what it was then.
  • About me

    After finishing business school, I turned my hobby into my profession – and became a software developer. 

    I am still fascinated by the whole area of software development. I have worked for a great variety of companies in the field of software development, training, and consultancy. At the moment I am focussing on developing mobile applications for Android and web applications with Dart.